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Python Fundamentals

Institution: Tecky Academy

Course type: Bootcamp

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12 Hours

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If you are eager to develop in the field of data and AI, then Python is an indispensable language. In recent years, almost all the latest related tools have been written in Python, and once you master basic Python, you can explore a wide range of online resources to expand your data and AI journey.

Unlike traditional courses which each lesson could only cover one or two topics in the lecture, our online videos focus on all necessary knowledge and theory which students may choose their own place, own time and own pace to study. After reviewing the online videos, our offline classes focus on practical skills and exercises which are always the most needed parts for our students to master real-world programming skills.

Even if it has great power, it does not mean that Python is particularly difficult. Conversely, Python is known as the easiest language to learn! Some online tools don’t even need to be installed on your computer, making it easy for you to start your Python writing journey, do it now!

In-Person Lesson 1
3 Hrs | Cantonese | Practical
Practices on data types, syntax and conditions

In-Person Lesson 2
3 Hrs | Cantonese | Practical
Practices on advanced syntax and loops

In-Person Lesson 3
3 Hrs | Cantonese | Practical
Practices on logic games

In-Person Lesson 4
4 Hrs | Cantonese | Practical
Practices on special topics raised by students

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