This is about us, but not only about us.我們的名字是『Sick Leave Tomorrow』 This is about us, but not only about us. 我們的名字是『Sick Leave Tomorrow』
『為甚麼是Sick Leave Tomorrow?』
可能是職涯有病、公司有病、甚至社會都有病…… 人生總是病

就需要放假一天。Take a Sick Leave Tomorrow,想想自己的解藥,是否就是作出轉變。


Sick Leave Tomorrow今天就要成為一個專為IT人而設的求職平台。對「資訊科技」的範疇有清晰分類,

當你又在想「我今日好想Sick Leave呀!頂!」時,來找我們,我們有你渴望的Tomorrow
識字不如識人,識人不如識走,Sick Leave Tomorrow
This is about us, but not only about us. We are Sick Leave Tomorrow This is about us, but not only about us. We are Sick Leave Tomorrow
“Why Sick Leave Tomorrow?”
We are all living in a sick world.
It is toxic, your job, your company or even the society… Sick world

No worries, it is okay to take a sick day.
Take a Sick Leave Tomorrow, try to fix the problems or simply make a change.
For instance, consider getting a new job.
Disclaimer: We are not selling Sick Leave Certificate.
We are a career platform that knows IT talents the best.
You can hardly imagine that there will be a company without tech people in the future.
IT professionals are one of the most sought-after by employers, but they are also the most commonly misunderstood ones.
Actually, they have a detailed division of labor with different strengths.

Most career platforms are not up-to-date for tech talent with the old school mindset that “IT talent = good with computers”. They do not realize that IT talent has long been divided into different categories.

Sick Leave Tomorrow is a specialized career platform for IT talents with a clear categorization of information technologies,
big data analytics of the industry and career trends, and the most powerful job search engine to connect job seekers and employers.

We believe that in the future, IT talents will face more changes and opportunities than other industries.

When you have a craving for sick leave once again, find us, we have the “Tomorrow” you want.

Having a professional network is more important than your technical skill. It is also crucial to know that it’s time to leave a job.
Remember, Sick Leave Tomorrow.